I finished a web-enabled prototype of the WaterBird gameboard. I have yet to see some interest from Charles Cameron, however he's busy with so many projects it could be a year before he gets around to looking at it.

I wasn't going to do anything more on it until I got his approval, but I was so close to a working prototype I just couldn't drop it. I hope that's OK with him; I get nervous working on other people's ideas without their permission.

Anyway, now that that's off my mind for a little while, I really ought to see if I can make some progress with my storefront. It ought to be simple, but I keep running into little crappy issues with python, gadfly, and the NetBSD system on which the site is hosted, and all these little devils in the details are tying me in knots.

I've got only a few more days of steady coding before I'll be on my way, so don't expect a lot of updates meanwhile...

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