I was just looking at my Sal Wise page, and the Google Adsense ads cracked me up. This is a page about a scammer, and the ads look like they are from scammers! Check this out: "Earn $5250 Guaranteed - Highest Investment On The Net Turn $25 into $5250 Guranteed!" and "How to get a millionaire - Its so simple all you need is a working E-Mail" (misspellings those of the advertisers). Needless to say, if you fall for those you're on your own. I don't endorse any Adsense ads, and I won't waste my time blocking advertisers. I'll gladly pocket the chump change I get when someone falls for one of these scams. So don't do it. If it looks too good to be true - it is.

Also, these or other ads may be spammers also, which may even be worse. Spammers are thieves, and if you do their spamming for them you are an accomplice. I guess you could call me on that and say that by letting Google place their ads on my site I am guilty too. In that case I'd just have to state that you and I draw the line at different points.

Everybody following the bulletin board? A lot of activity lately from all over the globe. And from Sal's own little neighborhood, by people apparently connected to the case - if you can filter out fact from fiction. I don't claim to have that ability. At least, it sure wasn't working at the time I bought the coin.

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