Must remember not to upload this to my site just yet... if I make a mistake it's not the end of the world but I gotta teach this mobster a lesson. I want to let him feel what it's like for a man of honor to have his integrity doubted by another man.

You see, Sal knows what this is all about. He uses this knowledge in every transaction. He comes across like a dummy in many ways, but he is smart in at least one thing, and that is human nature. He realizes very well that by saying the payment didn't arrive, a man (a woman too, but in my experience less commonly than men) will go the extra mile to prove himself above reproach. Sal has maybe even gotten double payments from people in their rush do this.

But now, the shoe's on the other foot. He paid everybody (that I know about) back, and he wants to look good. If I claim now that I never got the money, this might just bother him some. I doubt I'll get a double payment (though if I do, it will go to reimburse both Justin and freeshell.org for bandwidth), but maybe he'll sleep a little less comfortably doubting whether or not he's in the clear. I won't prolong the agony anywhere near the weeks he stuck it to me, but maybe for two or three days. I'm a terribly bad liar though, so he might know right away something's fishy. Especially since he's so good at it himself.

Don't think for a moment that I suspect Sal will feel the same compunction as an ordinary man. For sure he won't. An ordinary man approaches a deal between two individuals in the desert with the same seriousness as he does with a million eyes watching his every move. Only in the latter case does Sal feel any need to live up to any code of ethics.

Also, with the term "ordinary man" I don't mean that most men live up to a code either, but most try. I have failed miserably myself at times. In fact, I'll be failing, in a way, when I lie to this piece of human trash. But it has to be done.

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