First salvo fired.
From: John Comeau <john.comeau.gmail.com>
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To: mich <mich617@comcast.net>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 08:16:02 -0700
Subject: Re: Refunded

Post office couldn't cash it for me. They said they didn't have enough money, and to come back in two hours. I didn't have two hours to wait.

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From: mich <mich617@comcast.net>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 22:36:54 -0400
Subject: Refunded
To: jc.jcomeau.com

John i see you got the refund. When is all the bad on your site coming down? I asked about the ebay thing refunding you because i thought they would hold me to the money if you did get money from them but who knows. I wont push to look into it. Just please take down the bad stuff from your site at least. Thanks

When he answers this, I'm planning on telling him to cancel the Postal money order and send the cash Western Union. It takes a long time I think, to cancel one. He might bite, who knows? The above wasn't a lie, either, it was a misleading half-truth - just the thing that Sal does so well. That happened, exactly as I said, but I was still able to cash it at a bank. Getting back to business. Got X-Windows running on the diskless station! After some intensive googling, found out other people were having the same problem in certain circumstances, one of which being the use of hardlinks to the files in the NFS-mounted directories. Adding no_subtree_check to the options in /etc/exports solves it (at, of course, the expense to the security of the system). Also, got an unexpected bounty from Gaia today. She coughed up a couple of bunches of mussels from the Pacific, tangled in what were probably Kelp roots, and they washed up on the beach, ripe for the plucking. I steamed them with garlic and chiles, and tried a couple. If I don't get sick by noon or so I'll eat the rest. I don't know under what conditions mussels become poisonous. I doubt these are, because they came from deep water. But not worth the risk. I also munched on a few kelp globules as I walked along the beach. I'll have to make that a habit. Wow, this is starting to get long-winded, but I just remembered something else. Remember my incident with the Crocs back in April? Probably not, but you can google it if you want to know. Anyway, I've been using a $10 pair of Wal-Mart moccasins since then, and the soles have been worn through at the heel for weeks now. I'm always getting stones inside the damned things. So I bought some sandals from the $1 store, and yesterday finally managed to attach a strap, made of old bicycle tube, to each, so it holds them securely at the ankles. $1 crocs!

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