Hmm, the sound is working, and it isn't. When I plugged in the speakers and microphone, I got feedback squeal; after some adjustments, I could speak into the mike and hear the sound, amplified, coming out of the speakers. So far so good.

Then, putting everything back together, I pulled the plug out of the wall socket. Oops. All 3 computers die. Well, time to test my recovery procedures: almost an hour till everything was back up and playing classic rock on Shoutcast. Steely Dan, Kid Charlemagne... Ahhh.... But the sound on my dev box still isn't completely working. I can't aplay tada.wav, for example. It thinks it's playing it, but no sound comes out of the speakers.

Got an idea for a new protocol (like we need more new protocols...), one just for fun. Set your mike and ALSA up for capture, and stream it by UDP out some port, and listen on the same port for streams from other weirdos. Mix it all together and keep it playing. Instant ambiance! Random conversations from all over the universe like in a bar on Babylon 5. Smart geeks can sell the service to local bars and restaurants who don't know they can get it for free. :^)

Actually, there are probably numerous protocols already existing that I can patch together for this. H323 comes to mind, and Gnutella.

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