Shoutcast is great, and I loved hearing the jazz, but it just takes too damned much bandwidth. It took me the last two days or so to set up icecast, but now I'm streaming Joni Mitchell from my still-soundless development box to the Damn Small Linux box next to it! Cool!

Here's the setup so far. I've obviously got some tweaking to do, but this'll get you started. Build the latest icecast server, and the older version 0.3 of ices if you want to stream mp3. Go ahead and use the newer ices if you can deal with ogg/vorbis streaming, but I didn't want to change too many things at once and I know my xmms is configured to play mp3.

After building everything you need, including associated libraries, start up the icecast server and the ices stream source. The playlist.txt is just a list of files, one per line.

root@zero:/etc/icecast# icecast -c /etc/icecast/icecast.xml &
root@zero:/etc/icecast# ices -F /tmp/playlist.txt -P hackme -t http
Logfile opened
Playing /home/nobody/www/music/audio_01.wav.mp3
Mounted on
Playing /home/nobody/www/music/audio_02.wav.mp3
Playing /home/nobody/www/music/audio_03.wav.mp3

The ices manpage says http is the default. Don't believe it. I kept getting password failures till I looked at the tcpdump output and saw it was using 'icy' protocol and wasn't sending the auth info in base64-encoded format the way http likes it.

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