Oh yeah, I forgot the client setup. It wasn't exactly straightforward like going to shoutcast.com. I tried using xmms 'open location' and typed in It didn't complain but it didn't play anything either, and the admin page on the server, http://localhost:8000/admin/ didn't show any client connections. So I opened up an xterm on the client computer, alyce, lynxed to, logged in as admin, and tried to fetch the stream from there; lynx offers to open it in xmms as one of the options. Then it tried redirecting me to 'localhost' for the stream. Bugger. Back on the server, I edited the icecast.xml config file and changed the server name from localhost to zero, its name in /etc/hosts. Hupped the server. Now the client doesn't know anything about zero. I don't have yp figured out yet, and besides I'm not even sure DSL has it. I tried editing /etc/hosts on the client to add zero as, and it said it was a read-only filesystem. WTF??? It was a symlink to the /KNOPPIX compressed filesystem. Bugger again. rm'd it and made a new one. Back to lynx, opened it in xmms. Joni was about halfway through Circle Game, and it started booming out the speakers.

If I wanted to stream to the world, then I'd have to change the hostname in the xml file to be the FQDN? That kind of sucks, doesn't it? I agree with the 'useful defaults' philosophy that's followed, thankfully, by a majority of open source programmers. This is not a useful default. Then again, I didn't try commenting out that section of the .xml file altogether; maybe the programmer got it right, and the one who made the default config file screwed up.

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