Sal, you are the only one threatening. That's another $100000 you owe me. Now learn how to read before you get yourself more in debt. $210000 so far. I'll be nice and count this email as only one threat although there are technically at least 3 in it.
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Lol Do you want to make threats now john? Are you sure you want to make threats against me? Bill all you want that shit dont bother me. You started this crap and just dont stop so what should i do with you? Let you keep talking your shit about me? Im going to shut that mouth the fuck up one way or another. Now you want threats asshole? I will fuck your whole world up and skull fuck you! I will beat your stinky ass down until theres nothing left of you but teeth laying on the ground dirt bag! Keep fucking with me and see what happens jerk off.

You think im a mobster wanna be? Im worst then any fucking mobster you can ever find. I will cut your heart out and eat it. Fuck with me and watch what your ass gets. You dont have to tell me were you are i already know exactly were you are so keep it up.

Now for the last time end the bullshit. You want to threaten my family now? You just made THE WORST mistake you can ever have made. I hope they at least let you cry a bit.

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