OK, here's what I grok so far. stv_open calls stv_init calls stv_sndctrl with a command 0x88 and a message 'Vx' which is supposed to come back the same. stv_sndctrl calls usb_rcvctrlpipe then usb_control_msg. And the error that comes back is EPIPE (-32):

Aug 12 23:54:02 zero kernel: drivers/usb/media/stv680.c: [stv_sndctrl:216] STV(e): usb_control_msg error 0, request = 0x88, error = -32

But it's EPERM that gets returned to the user, which is misleading. I don't think that was the intention, because in stv_init the author wrote the return code as -1 the "generic error" indicator. But then stv_open just passes that back as its return code so the user gets tricked into thinking something is wrong with permissions when in fact they're not at fault.

Taking a break, gotta round up some more music. All I've ripped so far is my Joni Mitchell and Moody Blues "greatest hits" albums, and a few assorted karaoke numbers. I've got it playing 24 hours and getting kind of tired of the same songs over and over.

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