Sun is getting ready to set, it feels like a productive day in a way. I went to San Ysidro this morning and blew over $50 bucks away. The obligatory Starbucks visit, of course. Then some CD blanks, printer paper, and other stuff from KMart. Man, that store is pathetically stocked compared to Wal-Mart. Why don't they just give up? No webcams. MAPP gas but no high-temp torches, and no brazing rods. Most of what I went there for they didn't have. So I've got to go back someday and go the 3 miles or so to Home Depot and/or Wal-Mart. The only reason I use KMart anyway is they're so close to the border.

Speaking of the border, they're piloting the Sentri laser pass at the pedestrian entry at San Ysidro. And it's free, at least for now! So next time I go through I've got to sign up for one of those jobbies. It'll save up to a half hour of waiting each time I cross over.

OK, so got back to c0D3 r3D in time to open at noon. Messed around with CUPS and got my printer working; had to menuconfig the lp module first, then add some modprobes to rc.cups. Then read in texinfo docs for mtools, and am now able to use mdir, mcopy, and mdel on the JB1 camera again after adding this to my configuration:


Not sure both were necessary, but hell, it works now, let's move on to something else. Like get the JB1 to work in webcam mode. I've just about given up on that, though. I think I'll buy another webcam tomorrow, at one of the local computer shops, if they aren't gonna rip me off too obscenely.

I finished Invisible Man today. To me, it ended more with a whimper than a bang, but still the book kicks ass most of the way through. I'm very happy to have gone through a lot of the narrator's experiences vicariously than first-hand.

Now to work on the yp configuration. It's necessary if this place is ever going to be fully automated, and leave me free to travel again.

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