I can't reach my server by dynamic DNS, which means one of several things. My computers were stolen? The power is off, despite my giving the agent $20 extra to make sure it would get paid? Or maybe I just fubared the script. I hope it's just that.

Anyway, still stuck in San Francisco. RAC decided to hold onto the money from my last job until I get them a photocopy of my Social Security card. I haven't had an actual card for years and haven't needed one for many other jobs. Bummer.

Found a place in SF with $2 pints of Guinness and Beamish stouts! Kennedy's on Columbus. Bartenders are nice girls too, a pretty redhead named Lisa and another whose name I didn't ask, who could be the "black-haired beauty with deep dark eyes" from the Seger song.

More later, time's up!

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