I'm just about ready to really come out of retirement and get a fulltime high-stress job again, flashbacks or not. I figure it's just as well I still have powerful memories of my major fuckups, that way it's not so likely I'm going to repeat the same mistakes.

I've been picking up pieces of bread and uneaten parts of sandwiches off the sidewalk tables along Columbus, and this afternoon started collecting cans and bottles to take to the recycling place next to the Safeway I mentioned earlier. If I'm going to have to work like this for pennies and bad food, I might as well go whole hog and make decent money. I can still go home on weekends and finish automating the internet café. But I may not be employable, we'll see. My skills are stale and I'm likely to be considered "overqualified" for a lot of stuff in my field. At the same time, those employers looking for certifications and degrees will tell me I'm underqualified when in fact I could probably program circles around their "qualified" applicants.

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