OK, so I won't be getting my RAC money for another week at least. RAC finally, after my bitching and moaning, refunded the money to the buyer, but the buyer has paypal problems which will take a while to resolve.

But I realized at some point in the past 24 hours, while pondering my situation, that I only took $90 from the bank for the month from July 28 to August 28. That's 30 days of the $3 I prepaid for food for the year. So that 30 days will be up when August 27 ends, and after midnight I can start spending $3 per day again from the bank account. That's not so far away. I'm gonna make it.

I am planning to take local buses all the way from SF to SY, and document which buses to take where and how much the whole trip costs. That should prove interesting and useful information, don't you think? Particularly when it seems most of the rideshare deals I've seen on Craigslist aren't deals at all. $25 or $30 dollars per passenger to SD? Give me a break, that should more than cover all the gas expense for the trip even at today's pump prices.

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