i said the corn chips wouldn't affect my gastrointestinal tract. Little did I know. But we'll get to that.

At midnight of the 28th I bought a banana and a few chocolate candies at Safeway, taking cash back for the rest of my $3. I resolved that, despite the need to improve my diet, the desire to continue interacting with people required me to clean up. So I took a bath in the Pacific the previous afternoon, and today I washed my laundry. The remaining 50 cents I spent on a grapefruit at the farmer's market outside the Ferry Building, after a blitz of the free samples inside. My system was very happy for the alkalinity after 36 hours of starch.

I started walking south about 12:15 local time yesterday, after finding freeshell offline so I couldn't update my blog. I'd had a good sleep in the park across from the library and felt ready for the journey.

A few hours later and I could no longer hold back my bowels. Behind the darkened glass of a bus stop I made my move. What a mess.

Let me explain what an all-corn-chip diet does to one's stool. It makes it like slick clay. Comes out easily enough, but sticks to you mercilessly. I had to use both rags to clean myself, and left them there behind the bus stop. Hope nobody gets curious.

Found some nice fruits growing by the roadside in that general area. No idea what they're called, but I'd seen some in a grocery store so presumed they were edible: about an inch in diameter, round, red and bumpy on the outside and sweet orange-colored pulp inside. I ate about a dozen and wish I'd taken more. Further on, someone had left some fruits by the roadside -- it seems like some people in California have a mission in life to leave food out for passersby -- and one of the apples still looked OK, so I ate it.

The full moon was up by the time I found a Safeway, in Millbrae, and got some cash from the RAC job for which I'd finally been paid. A few miles later I found a map which showed me Palo Alto was on my way, so in Burlingame I caught the 390 for $1.25 to Stanford. Had I known, I could have picked it up for the same price back in Daly City just south of SF and saved myself over 10 miles walking. But then I wouldn't have found those red fruits, nor the black raspberries that grow along Bayshore and El Camino Bignum.

So here I am at the Starbucks in the Stanford Shopping Center, enjoying life one day at a time. Talk to you later.

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