As predicted, the hard drive died again. Strike 3, you're out... I closed up the shop, went down the street to the computer dealer and tried to get a good deal on a drive. He wanted 10 bucks for an old 1.2G drive. Now, I already have a 160GB on the way I bought online for little over $100. So I'm gonna pay $10 for 1GB? No way. I offered him $5 and he smirked. So I also needed a webcam; I lost my momentum with the JB1. He had a pretty good one for $25. So I offered him $30 for the two items; nope. $32? Yep. OK, so I still overpaid, but $7 for a drive is not a bad deal for Rosarito. It could be an old beat-up floppy drive and they'd want $10 for it. That's just the way it is down here.

Anyway, after some problems booting Damn Small Linux (it boots fine on the other machine, but on this one I had to specify "failsafe"), I installed it on my new old hard drive. And I'm gonna have to work like hell all night if I want to open the shop tomorrow; I never backed up my PXE config. We'll see what happens.

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