Whoa. Still sick from yesterday. Power went out for at least 3 blocks here, and couldn't use the internet, so I went out for some liquid refreshment. Got into conversation with 3 English blokes, Jason, Michael, and Mick, all cops on vacation. I had already had my max and then they started buying me beers. I didn't realize what I was doing until. Boom. It hit me. I staggered into the restroom and blew my cookies into the sink. Over and over, till all that was coming up was bile. I rinsed it down as best I could and then Jason tries to get a cab for me. The goddamned cabbie says "five dollars" and even though Jason was willing to pay I wouldn't let him; that's a ripoff, it should only be 20 pesos. So I walked home. Froze my ass. Finally got into the big bed, covered myself with all the blankets I could find, and survived the night. Slept a good part of today, too. Still a mild headache, and couldn't eat anything until now, when I went and got a large bowl of birria. I think I can hold it down. Hope so.

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