I've been having this recurring dream, and only this morning did I wake up in time to remember any of it. There are things within the matrix (simulacra) we live in that don't add up, and in my dream, one of those things is filenames. Whatever that means. I didn't regain consciousness soon enough to get down an accurate example, but it's something like this: filename.atx is in the system, but it's not known to us as that; we know it as filesomething.txt. No, that's not it. Damn. I didn't remember enough of the context to make any sense out of it. My gut feeling is that there are bugs in the system that would let us see its inner workings if we had a better grasp of what to look for; only the showy stuff catches our attention, but all the context is there, in hidden "files" as it were, and if we could just dissipate enough of the smoke and break enough of the mirrors we could see through it all. The name "Mike Ahern" came up in the dream, too. IIRC I knew a guy by that name in High School band. Or not.

On this same line of thinking, and I'm using the term very loosely here, is the video that was circulating the net some week or two ago. The one where the school kids were passing around a basketball, and you were supposed to count the number of passes. Which I did. Then you are asked about the gorilla. What gorilla? I didn't see any goddamned gorilla. Then you were prompted to watch the video again, this time just for enjoyment, not to count anything. Sure enough, there's a guy in a gorilla suit walking through the basketball players, slowly and deliberately, turning his head back and forth and waving. It is so obvious when you're just looking, and so unfuckingbelievably invisible when you're focused on counting the number of passes. It had to be the same video, because it's large and it took so long to download; the second time it was already on my hard drive so there was no lag. A real eye-opener.

Anybody with more insights into the first paragraph, especially if you've had similar dreams and/or can explain better what I'm trying to say, please email.

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