So, Java developers, have you checked out Blackberry's free IDE? If you have an app that's amenable to having a browser as the UI, code the engine as an extension of com.rim.samples.device.httpfilterdemo.precanned.Protocol, and register your app using code like httpfilterdemo.PackageManager. Anything that looks like a real URL ought to work, like "this.is-a.test". Then create a related project to launch the browser with your app, using, basically, one line of code:

import net.rim.blackberry.api.browser.Browser;
public class MyApp {
 public static void main(String[] args) {

Add a 28x28 PNG icon, build, and ship. I hope. I've only tested it on the (really cool) built-in simulator; it remains to be seen how it works on the real beast. Blackberry is selling a lot of those little boogers, so it might be wise to hop on the bandwagon. Word to the wise: add RAM to your development box, the IDE is a monster. But a nice monster.

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