Busy day so far. Woke up early and went into S.Y. to fax RIM the code signing application. First fax place I found open was about half a mile up the road. How much? "$3.00." No thanks.

Went another few blocks. How much? "Sorry, the fax machine is broken." OK.

Another block, here's a cellphone store that doesn't offer fax services. On a whim, went in and asked how much to send a one-page fax. The guy asked the boss lady, she said "50 cents." My kind of price! There's a lesson there, which is taking me waaaayyyy to long to learn. Don't let yourself be limited by all the artificial limits in place for transactions between individuals. If two people can agree on terms, anything can take place. It's so simple.

Which reminds me. The border guard droid's brain was exploding over the fact that I lived in Rosarito and my driver license was still my (perfectly valid) Florida one. He made all kinds of strange noises and filled out this little reddish slip for me to take to another droid. He was saying that as an American I should be glad they were taking such precautions, but I cut him off and said no, I wasn't. The other droid punched in my license data, stood there like an idiot punching keys for several minutes, making faces like he was reading a rap sheet 20 pages long, and then handed me my license and sent me on my way. A block later I realized what I should have said to the first droid. Hey, Cipher! The Matrix isn't real. All these imaginary lines and limitations. They don't exist. I realize everybody has to make a living, but you don't have to believe this shit.

Anyway, on my way back I stopped at F Street and bought a couple of sex toys. I'm going to find a way to connect the, ahem, female device with the male device over an internet connection and make my first million that way. I'm sure it's been done already but nobody is really marketing it yet. I asked the guy at the store, first if they had such internet-enabled toys, and he said no. Then I asked if anybody else was asking for such things, and he said no, only interactive DVDs. But I know there's a market for teledildonics; it's just not sufficiently "out there" yet where people can appreciate the possibilities. ritx aut end fak samwan.

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