Yesterday the power was out since about midnight -- had to go into SD to try finishing my current trabajito. Not quite successful, but not bad. On the way back, stopped at my favorite tacos 'n beer place, Taco Bell, in TJ (as mentioned previously, this has nothing to do with the chain in the U.S.). Some interesting-looking dude about my age was punching in some interesting Spanish-language rock'n'roll into the jukebox. Balding, all in black including long leather jacket. Probably an intellectual anarchist like myself, but lacking the language skills I just lifted a bottle to him and left it at that.

There was a group of youngsters there too, and one of them, a cute teenage girl, was also punching in some decent music. But all I could think of was how much I miss my lady. So when my last song, Comfortably Numb, was finishing up, I left my last 4 ounces or so of Pacifico in the bottle and left for Rosarito. Just now reenabled my webcam, which never came up on reboot. As a matter of fact, a whole lot of things don't work right on reboot since moving stuff to the new hard drive; something's wrong in the automount at bootup. One of these days...

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