Those flatproof tubes I mentioned are available online at NoMorFlats.com. Just bought two with the proceeds from my recently-completed programming job, and will probably get two more if I figure out how to make a decent trailer for my 80W solar panel. A cool dude named Mars here in Columbus is willing to help with the R&D -- he owns the junk shop where I can get all the parts and tools I might need, just south of the Columbus museum on highway 11. There are also some locally-made flatproof tires available in Deming, but Mars says they don't have any "give" and will quickly wear out spokes and rims.

This City of the Sun is a cool community, but as I may have mentioned before there are two others I'm interested in visiting. One is Gaviotas in Colombia, and another is the Walden II community Los Horcones near Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Both are, of course, more dangerous to get to, especially the former, but wtf. You only live once, as far as I know.

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