Mostly notes to myself for the permaculture assessment of my lot and of the City of the Sun... historical wind data for the Western states shows Deming (and probably Columbus, due to its proximity) has prevailing Western winds for all of the year except for July, August, and September when it is from the East. Most of the rainfall for Deming and Columbus is in the summer months, and just over 9 inches a year on average. Downgrade (water flow) is roughly West to East, with almost 100 feet drop over a square mile at City of the Sun (20 feet per contour line), whereas at my half acre there's only a foot of drop, at most, north to south. Sunshine averages 75 percent in New Mexico, judging only by Roswell and Albuquerque which are the only two cities that have data on this website; the highest percentage (83) is in June, just before the rainiest month of July.

More of this as I have time... running out of cash and need to buckle down on my programming... Hey, found out the bank here in Columbus, while it doesn't have an ATM, will give me a cash advance with no fee whatsoever, and since they treat it as a credit card and not a debit card, even Paypal doesn't take out its normal dollar fee and on top of that, pays me back 1.5 percent! So I've been losing money by using the Post Office. Shit-a-damn. Oh well, live and learn.

Don't know if I mentioned, the SSA denied my disability claim... filed for an appeal today with only a few days to spare, and trying to contact an attorney referred by the folks at NOSSCR, but he doesn't publish his email address. Fooey. Left him a voicemail... when are people going to start using email for christsakes. Gmail has good spamfilters, let me know if you need an invite, I've got plenty (and I don't charge for them of course)...

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