Goddamned fucking stupid rentacops. I was in El Comercial, the Mexican department store with the big orange-and-white pelican sign, looking for one of those cheap ceramic lamps that mount on a utility box, or alternatively a desk lamp. Finding none, I was walking out when one security droid motions me to follow the other droid to the area where I had been, and he's showing me two cheapo paintbrushes. His boss comes along, and he speaks some English, and he's asking me what I was doing with the paintbrushes. Of course I said I wasn't doing anything with them, that the security guy had them not me. I smelled some kind of a trick, so I started asking the droid what his game was. But that guy couldn't understand, so his boss tells me no, he's not up to anything he's just doing his job. I could see where this was headed; if I didn't get out of there the cops were probably on their way and it was their word against mine. So, cursing profusely, I walked out and on to some other stores before heading back. Fuck Comercial, I hope to never give them another penny as long as I live.

Still wondering what his game was, or if he just needs glasses. The only thing I can think of is that he has some deal in cahoots with the Rosarito cops; he accuses a Gringo of shoplifting, the cops come, Gringo has to pay off the cops to stay out of jail, and cops share the proceeds with rentacop.

Just goes to show how precious and fleeting freedom is, and how you have to make every moment count -- through no fault of your own, you could find yourself in a prison cell tomorrow morning, and spend the rest of your life there.

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