Tickle in my throat. Rhinovirus or something. A good indication that I've been straying too far from my Paleolithic diet; too many carbs, especially sugars, otherwise my immune system would have been strong enough to kick their little asses. So today I ate my caldo de mariscos with plenty of salsa picante, though I couldn't resist the totopas (tortilla chips). Maybe I can still beat this bug. I haven't caught a full-fledged cold in at least a year, as I remember.

I passed up all those ride offers on Craigslist, these people aren't replying to my emails anyway. Probably will stay right here for a while. Got plenty to do; tried my microscope out for the first time yesterday, now that I have slides and coverslips. Pricked one of my fingers and tried looking at the blood, but can't recognize individual red cells even under 1000x magnification. My eyes started straining even after a few minutes, so maybe I'm doing something wrong. If my vision gets any worse I'm going to regret it.

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