Been shopping for some unusual products. One is a pee tube, something I've been wanting to design for a while but never got anything that worked and was comfortable to wear. The halfbakery is a great site; for every strange idea I have, I find someone on halfbakery has already come up with something the same or similar; and often I even find "baked" solutions, such as the Stadium Pal, of which I just bought one.

Also ordered a 3-point screwdriver which I hope will be the right size to open my old Sony Clié from which I hope to salvage some parts or at least learn something; I've tried removing them by filing down a jeweler's screwdriver but they're torqued in there pretty tight, and if I wear them out much more I'll have to drill them out; not a big deal I guess, but I was hoping to use them on my "new" Clié, which has already lost 4 screws. Seems like Sony gets just those back two in there tight, and all the rest fall out on their own after a few weeks of use.

Going to meet someone at Casa Guadalajara next Monday afternoon at 2 PM to discuss this idea for inflatable clothing that I (and, obviously, others) have had. Stop by and join us if you're in San Diego. Note that my beard has grown considerably since the photo in my blog was taken; but you can spot me by the dollar-store black cowboy hat I'll be wearing.

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