I also bought a pair of Hypnoskates, the Wave model, on sale for $75. While not the cross-country skates I had in mind, they're a step in the right direction, and I'll give them a try.

I'm not going to hurry, just go as fast as I can (like my Dad used to say). If I'm under the same curse he was, I've got less than a year to live. I'm going to make the most of it.

Spent a couple hours at Barandas again tonight, but only one beer before I switched to Jack Daniels. Two shots plus the beer came to 110 pesos, or $10.00, pretty close to what I'd have spent in a typical bar in the states. Then another 20 pesos I pumped into the jukebox (no Norteña crap while I was there, heh!), and 11 pesos tip set me back almost $13.00. Big spender. I can't keep that pace up very long, better get back to California or New Mexico and forage for a week or two. Or finally go to where there's some wild game and learn how to hunt. But, knowing me, I'll stay right here, keep getting contract jobs for keepalive income, and piss the next year away. Yes, I'm full of contradictions (among other things), I've already mentioned that.

The cold hasn't gotten significantly worse in the last 24 hours, so maybe it's bottomed out. Let's see how long it takes to stop coughing altogether.

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