Playing with postFORTH version 1 again, and finding it's fubarsky under Win2K. The PE files don't work the same... something in the GNU/Cygwin development tools has changed so that, while objdump thinks the binaries are executable, they in fact are not.

At first I thought that under Windows 2000 a 'RET' back to the operating system just wasn't returning %eax into ERRORLEVEL, as it did under XP, but as I was crafting a post to comp.lang.asm.x86 I was writing "gdb skips past my breakpoints..." and whammo! I realized it wasn't even using the correct start address. Dammitydamndamn. Maybe I should focus on version 2 instead, which will run as its own binary format under Linux. But this bugs me, and I'll at least make a stab at trying to figure it out.

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