I woke up a little while ago, around 5 AM Pacific time, with two or three important revelations; I managed to remember one, partially.

It's been bugging me how there could be a religion like Christianity, with so goddamned many followers, many very sincere, if Jesus is just a creation of the Babylonian Brotherhood, as David Icke insists. Did they just do a better job of marketing that one? Perhaps. But it also may be the case that the guy did exist, and the manipulators just put words into his mouth after they killed him. Things like "render unto Caesar", "obey authority", and "daily bread" are not the words of a spiritually-attuned person.

Anyway, it called to mind a trashy novel by Irving Wallace back in the early 70's if I remember right, called The Word. Well, it wasn't that trashy, it had some nice sex scenes to liven it up here and there. Anyway, the plot was about a forged manuscript found which was being touted as the most {old,original,authentic} words of the Savior Himself. Plus, there was a mention in Quinn's The Story of B about there being a lot of contoversy still about the authenticity of the Dead Sea Scrolls and other papyri, among Biblical scholars.

The point of all this being, of course, that it's immaterial whether or not Jesus actually existed, and we'll probably never know. The Jesus of the Holy Bible is a creation of those same fine people who brought us the Pyramids and the Food Pyramid, among other wonderful things. And whenever they want to change the message somewhat, to attract a new group of followers, is to trot out an "original manuscript" found by shepherds in the mountains of Xanadu, have a few "experts" certify it, and off they go to the printing press.

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