Weird dream just now. Recurring theme I recognized, too. Lately in my dreams I have a digital camera; big, like an old Polaroid from the 60's, much lighter though, and cheaply made, all plastic. But then, in these dreams, there's always this digital camera I used to have, but lost recently. It was about the same size as the cheap one, but a little heavier and much better quality, and regardless of what else I have, or the fact that I'm rarely using any of my cameras, I'm pissed off about the one I lost.

Also in the dream was my old friend Rodney. I'm at his place, apparently in Skowhegan, and Nancy whats-her-name from my early grade school had just driven up to visit. I woke up before I could see her though.

I realized, on awaking, that I'd just had a dream not too long ago about the old house in Skowhegan; I was driving around a motorcycle or some kind of home-made vehicle. I wonder if these skates I ordered are going to give me the kind of freedom of movement that Rodney's old Yami 100 gave me back in '75 or so? Gotta google windskating and see if anyone else is living my dream... hang on...

Holy shit! Yes!. And right up the coast, in Santa Monica too!

So much going on, right under my nose, and I can't think of the right search terms except when just awaking from sleep. I've got to test that brainwave coercion stuff I was looking at a while ago and see if I can't induce lower frequencies more often.

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