Busy day. Went to San Diego to meet Someone at the airport, but left real early so I could do some shopping. Picked up another Linksys WRT54G at WalMart, turns out they have hardware model 3 now! I don't even know if OpenWRT will run on this yet, I'll check it out shortly. Also bought a dowel about the same thickness as my .9AH NiMH D-cells with which I'm making my no-nonsense portable power pack -- the dowel pieces, drilled end-to-end and with carriage bolts through them, will provide a means of attaching the wires to complete the circuit. I've been waiting months to figure something out for that.

And then, I went north to Black's Beach, the famous clothing-optional beach in northern San Diego County, just between La Jolla and Torrey Pines State Park. No naked chicks though, none even topless, just a bunch of guys. That's OK, at least I know for sure how to get there now (just hang a left onto Torrey Pines Scenic Road, drive to the cul-de-sac where the road ends, then follow the curve left on the north side of the gully; when you get to the path marked "Danger, Do Not Use", there you are; everybody ignores the sign of course. It is kind of steep, but fairly well maintained, with steps either built out of wood or concrete, or just carved into the clay soil.

Of course I went for a skinny-dip and took my first bath in several weeks, whether I needed it or not, in the always-cold Pacific. The other nudies walking by either ignored me or said hello. It was all very normal; I really didn't know what to expect. I'd been on European beaches where the women go topless, but never a place where people freely and legally walk around in their birthday suits. Mexico, at least this part, is waaay too Puritan to allow something like that.

On the beach were probably millions of baby Pismo clams (didn't try counting them). I don't know how many will survive out of water until the next tide comes in, but I hope most of them. I wish they'd wash up like that fully grown! Those things can be a bear to dig out of the sand. There's an old Gringo here in Rosarito who's going to show me how to locate them someday if I catch him at low tide.

Well, anyway, I got to the airport just barely at 9PM, but didn't know which flight Someone was coming in on, and probably guessed wrong; gave up after not too long, had my tacos and beer in TJ and caught the next taxi home.

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