Got back from San Diego and found my Minimo build had failed again, but with only a little left undone. Edited the batch files a little more, replacing forward-slashes with DOS-style backslashes, and it completed... copied the result to my iPAQ, and the damned thing worked! More or less, that is... there are no navigation buttons, which I can probably fix in a prefs file somewhere, and my form submit button is very tiny and not clickable... but the <ENTER> key is now working for submitting the form, so that's OK. The lack of a "back" button hurts though, got to double-click an empty part of the screen to get the navigation buttons. Most importantly for my client- server app is that my PNG images are now rendered, they were broken in the March 13th binaries.

If anybody else is doing test builds of John Wolfe's recent sources, you may wish to apply my patch. It'll only help you if you're building for ARM PPC though.

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