The cold/flu/whatever is on its way out, still coughing up some phlegm every now and then but the general malaise is gone. Probably it will have been three weeks or more (since April 12, when I first noticed it) before all symptoms have gone. I'm going to assume it was something toxic, possibly aluminum or some other metal, that I ingested which caused my immune system to fail me so badly.

Still working on getting Minimo to run nicely on the iPAQ H1940. It's pretty good now, except the default behavior of a <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT"> button is a little less than useful (shows a tiny rectangle with no text), and no navigation buttons at all, seemingly regardless of the greprefs/all.js settings. I'm in the middle of the latest build procedure now.

Been playing around some more with postFORTH version 1, but nothing to write home about just yet... stay tuned. I'm thinking about porting version 0 to the WRT54G also, but that's admittedly not too likely. A lot of stuff simmering right now, gonna just take my time and choose what to focus on next...

Bugger (as Kyle would say). Minimo build failed to complete, and nothing but a bunch of warnings visible. Oh well. About time to call it a night.

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