I finished Ender's Game today and man, I'm telling you, go find a copy, this is good shit. Ender lived the life I started but wimped out on. Doesn't matter, I'll finish in a blaze of glory. His boyhood experiences were something like mine, except when I decided to confront the gang of bullies, they all just laughed at me and walked away; I had many nights of recurring dreams in which I savagely attacked my enemies and killed them with my bare hands and feet, but it never came to pass in the real world.

All day today I've been improving on my coughing technique and now rarely carry a cough to completion unless there's a substantial amount of phlegm coming out as a result. And one of my regular customers at the internet café said she had bronchitis for 3 months after inhaling Easy-Off while cleaning her oven; that clinched it for me. All this is because of that goddamned chemical mildew killer I bought at Waldo's. I should have just used a broom as a "paintbrush" with a clorox solution, which is how I finished the job, from the start. I thought I needed the convenience of a spray bottle, and as a result, I'm suffering this nasty cough. Mind you, I had gone to the dollar store with the intent of buying an empty spray bottle, but all they had were bottled products; I chose the one that matched most what I wanted, and used it, even though I suspected it would hurt me. I did consider dumping it down the sink and filling it with a diluted clorox solution, but I was too concerned about the fish, knowing Rosarito just sends their raw effluent into the Pacific. Ender understands, even if you don't.

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