OK, catching up on the last few days... finished Nabokov's Glory; the antihero Martin Edelweiss represents, to me, what I consider one of the worst of my shadow selves: vain and shallow, chasing adventure primarily for the purpose of impressing some chick who won't likely give a shit anyway. After Ender's Game this book was a good way to deflate my ego again. Picked up a hardcover copy of Tolkien's The Silmarillion at the Rosarito Macy's for 50 cents and am wading through it.

Oh, you didn't know there is a Macy's in Rosarito? Well, it's just off the main boulevard, behind Waldo's. Better known as the Red Cross Thrift Store. Someone jokingly referred to it as Macy's to me one day, and the name stuck. Brand-name jeans for 10 pesos a pair (about 90 cents), can't beat it. Hardcover books for 50 cents, paperbacks for a quarter. In most cases they'll take 10 pesos for a dollar, giving you an additional 10 percent savings off their excellent prices (the actual exchange rate more often hovers around 11 pesos to the dollar).

The diarrhea, after a few days respite, came back with a vengeance yesterday. I almost didn't dare go to the bar last night, but finally went later and had a few beers and a game or 3 of billares with the lovely Karina.

Paid the electricity today at the CFE-matico. All you need is any old bill with a readable barcode on it; pass it in front of the laser scanner near the bottom of the front of the machine, and it will pull up your account info and you can pay. It takes up to 200-peso notes, and prints a receipt when you're done.

Last Friday I was in San Diego most of the day. Went to Casa Guadalajara in Old Town to meet someone, but she never showed up; had only a few sips of the margarita because it tasted so incredibly toxic, and even then I threw up as soon as I reached the trolley station. Lost maybe $3 to $5 worth of my expensive sashimi lunch; can't remember the name of the sushi place but it's right across the street from the Hard Rock Cafe. Anyway, stick to Casa de Bandini for margaritas, that's my advice. All for now.

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