Sitting here at the (recently renamed and refurbished) La Jolla Brewery and Restaurant, enjoying my second pint of their red ale, $2 a pint. They've got 2 brews, Raspberry Stout and Pacific Dark, for $1 apiece but they don't plan to continue dollar specials forever, too bad. And these are happy hour prices, normally they're $4 a pint, but Rock Bottom only takes a dollar off during happy hour and these are half price. Once the microbrew fans find out about this place here at UTC, maybe a mile or two away from Rock Bottom, the latter place will reach its namesake in a hurry.

A note on the figs yesterday: bad move, as in Bowel Movement. One is the limit. Of course, the carbs and Guinness didn't help either, but I had a real mess this morning, and it's a good thing I finally made it to Black's Beach this afternoon and took a good though brief bath in the Pacific. It seems a little warmer there than in Rosarito but it's still bitter cold compared to the Atlantic in Hollywood Beach about now, where it's probably like bathwater. Today finally a naked babe walked by, or at least someone with prominent breasts, a nice bush, and no penis. She probably thought I was getting an eyeful, but due to my myopia I was barely able to ascertain his/her apparent gender. I tried (for the umpteenth time) staring directly into the sun for brief periods today and noticed significant improvement in my vision shortly thereafter, but, as usual, short-lived. I think what happens is that it makes my iris clamp down to maximum f-stop, which simulates the pinhole effect until it dilates again.

Did you myopics ever notice that your vision is not just blurry? That in fact there are multiple identical images, all fairly clear, but overlapping one another at various positions that make the net result a blur? That is my case, at least. If I could train my brain to take all those images and combine them at the proper offsets, my vision could probably be 20/20 again, or even better.

The front-door greeter here looks a lot like the (female half of) owner of Barandas down in Rosarito. I told her as much but she didn't seem too interested; I'm working on my 3rd pint, fantasizing about inviting her to Rosarito on her day off, renting a hotel room... Oh, well. As I said before, young chicks don't much dig old full-bearded nomads. They don't know what they're missing, do they? OK, maybe they do. 30 seconds of furious copulation followed by a heartfelt "thank you" and sleep. Hey, it could be worse! At least I'm grateful!

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