I got voted in! I'm now a member of the City of the Sun. It was close, though. It requires a 2/3 majority vote, and it was 9 "yes", 4 "no", and 1 abstention. There was some discussion (I wasn't there to witness it, but I heard some of it from outside, and people filled in the blanks for me later) as to whether the abstention should count, in which case 9/14 was not enough, or if the 9/13 of the "yes" and "no" votes meant I was in. Anyway, the abstainer changed her vote to "yes" to resolve the controversy, and that was that. Whew!

Now, once I get the house issue resolved (the guy who offered me his lot, complete with bunker-style underground house, still needs to formally relinquish his claim on it), I can really start to make some progress on my longer-term goals.

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