I'm quite disgusted with the nomad-hostile street layout of the Portland area. There are lots of dead-ends; a sidewalk along the freeway which suddenly ends, forcing you to reroute; long stretches of east-west streets which have no north-south connections. You would have to walk as many as 8 blocks to visit someone who lived right behind you. The Box People really have this area locked up tight, worse than San Diego in some ways. If they wanted to block vehicular traffic in the residential areas, at least they could have put some footpaths in every block or two.

After walking for hours, I've finally found a cash machine and am holing up in Tom's Restaurant on 39th street, drinking a Drop Top somethingorother ale and waiting for my order of fresh fried Pacific oysters. Yummy. I'll probably let you know if they turn out to be bad, otherwise you can assume they're the real deal.

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