Came to El Paso today to ship the laptop to my Mexico City friend... actually I tried first from Juarez, but the UPS office was closed and the DHL droids insisted I must deal with the ladrones at Aduanas first, so crossed over to here. UPS was going to charge me $180, so went to Ditto's, where manager Frankie Carrasco shipped it FedEx for me for $96. Pays to shop around!

Using free wifi at Jamocha on 2231 North Mesa. My Clié browser, Netfront, crashed repeatedly, apparently due to crappy Javascript, so I downloaded pssh and used lynx to check my email. I've been to a number of bars and restaurants today, mostly not overly memorable, but met two nice Guinness-quaffing females, Jennifer and Lauren, at Hemingway's. Jen tells me to read Tom Robbins, yet another addition to my must-read list.

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