That racist Canuck I met in Rosarito last August was here in Columbus this past Monday and Tuesday, still spouting off his mouth about Mexicans. The bartender here told him to fuck himself, good for her. I was debating whether or not to remind him what I'd said to him last year but decided to drop it. Wasn't worth it.

Still spending way too much time in Second Life. It's almost to the point that when I'm walking down the street in Columbus, especially at night, I feel as though I ought to be able to just lift off and fly as I can in SL.

The papercrete workshop went well but in the end, there is still a lot left to complete. I spent a few days recovering and doing not much of anything, but did manage to finish Alan Weisman's book Gaviotas and am almost through The Long Emergency, yet another treatise on Peak Oil. I wish it would fulfill its promise already. I'd love to see Highway 11 deserted so I could try my Windskate in relative safety.

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