Yay me. I figured out how to wire up a Sparkomatic SR55 my neighbor gave me, without finding anything on the internet. It's a common-ground system with only one wire per speaker: green and gray. Black (and case) is ground (negative), and both red and red with white stripe need to be connected to power. I guess I could have taken it apart and gotten a more clear idea, but just made some wild-assed guesses and got it right before letting any smoke out. Now I have music in my place.

I'm beginning to give up on ever finding a way to own land without paying property tax. A better method is living on public land, especially places like in the Tres Hermanas mountains where nobody really gives a shit what you do there. When my friends went into the abandoned mine, they said there are interconnected tunnels which they didn't explore. There may well be room for a few hundred people to live in there.

My anarchy library is pretty well established now. I purchased a used hardcover copy of Leon Uris's Trinity at the local thrift store (Manny's) and just finished re-reading it. That, with the 5 books of Quinn's Ishmael vision will hopefully introduce people to a healthier way of thinking. The first two people who show up and read (or have already read) The Story of B may have one of the 3 ammonite fossils I purchased recently on eBay. If you've read it you understand the significance. You may also ask for the "B" discount on a certain single-malt Scotch whiskey and save $10. Only at the Don Nowhere Shebeen.

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