Over the past couple of weeks I upgraded my wiring "backbone" to AWG6, and since that in itself didn't solve the problem, got two 6V golf-cart batteries to replace the Wal-mart "marine" batteries. My freezer has been running almost constantly since replacing the batteries yesterday, but unless I get some wind pretty soon the party's going to be over again... the batteries are already down to 10.8V (in series of course) and that's pretty close to the low-voltage cutoff on the SunDanzer.

Not much else going on lately... my date palm, Phoenix Roebelinii, has been holding on due to my neighbor's help in watering it, but nothing else, including ice plants and prickly pear, I've tried growing has survived. Monsoon season, if we get one this year, starts this month so let's see if the rain gods will cooperate.

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