Finally fixed my svnimport.sh script to run properly with a remote server. To use it, you'll need to have an sshd daemon that allows root login via public key by adding this line to your inittab, changing 8888 to whatever port you want. export ROOTSSHPORT=8888 and cd to the parent dir of the directory you're importing before executing the script. Check the other variables and constants in the script, fixing as necessary, including the svn repository and the username under which apache runs.

Yes, I know it's not safe to allow direct root login via ssh, but this is IMO the safest way to do it if you're going to do it anyway. It's a separate high-numbered port, only root can login, and only with a key, not with a password. Of course, on your normal sshd port you shouldn't allow root logins whatsoever.

Wrote a simple quicksort in Java for sorting int arrays by length of the subarrays. I needed it for a particular project, haven't really tested it yet. It needs improvement, particularly in the pivot point selection process.

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