Now in the Buffalo Bar, still hijacking a signal from Rejuvenation. I can't figure out for the life of me why I need to run colinux-daemon as an administrator first, then shut it down and run it as a limited user, in order to get the network to come up. And even then, I used to be able to get a second IP for the coLinux instance, now lately I get the same IP as under Windows.

I went to the Silver City Brewing Company and had a couple of their tasty but flat beers with an uninspiring meatball sub for dinner. Now I'm here waiting for my ride, drinking $1.75 draft Buds. Yuck.

A while ago, leaving Rejuvenation, a pretty blond blue-eyed 20-something told me I have nice eyes. Too bad I don't feel horny after programming all day.

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