The thumbwheel on my Clié PEG-TJ37 is such a great navigation tool; why the fuck doesn't Sun's midp4palm or IBM's J9 software use it as a default selector for List screens? Grrrrr... sure I can navigate with it, but to select the item, just pushing in on the thumbwheel doesn't work... it's completely ignored. One must use the stylus as a selection tool. It's probably Sony's fault, they might have mapped it in some bogus way. Without knowing PalmOS better I'm only guessing.

Want to see how your MIDP device handles implicit List commands? Download demo.jad using your MIDlet downloader, or for Palm, get IBM's Websphere which has the J9 MIDP VM, and demo.prc. You can view the source also, and/or build it yourself using GNU make. I've tried Apache Ant, and it's OK, but I still prefer the power and simplicity of Makefiles.

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