More recurring dreams, this time about my childhood home in Skowhegan, and in a building that resembles both the Skowhegan high school (as it was in 1974) and the USPS processing facility in Fort Lauderdale... the first snippet I remember, I retrieved 8 brown business envelopes, hand-addressed, from a facer-canceller hopper after processing was done. Then I guess I fell asleep somewhere in the back of the building, and didn't know, when I woke up, if I was late clocking out or not. In most of my dreams about the post office, I rarely clock in or out anyway, and I never get paid, but this time I was somewhat conscientious about it. And I was concerned about those 8 letters that I had delayed processing by a day because I had taken them in a metal case to the back with me and they didn't get canceled in time.

Another thing I remember was in the living room of 15 Olive Street, and there was my cousin Janet W. looking an absolute babe; I was talking to her trying to determine when we'd last seen each other, and I decided it was at least 30 years. There were two dogs there, one of which had reptilian features, and when my foot brushed against it there was sharp pain from its scales.

Now upon awakening I can't remember if Janet is my cousin or not... in the dream I "knew" it. What's weird is I haven't thought of her since I left Maine 32 years ago.

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