Amazing weather here in SW New Mexico the past few days. On the 3rd, about the only thing I did all day was to lay that 400-lb. barrel of water on its side and roll it back to my place. That was so exhausting I did nothing for hours afterwards. Yesterday, the 4th, we had so much rain, so fast, that the big arroyo was overflowing its banks -- I'm talking a real river here, something that's dry 99% or more of the year -- and even the little arroyo past my place was flowing enough for me to save about 40 gallons. Plus, the drum I'd sunk out back filled up with runoff from the roof, so I have close to 150 gallons total saved up. If I were to build a solar still now, I could have drinking water for 5 months. More likely I'll just use it for watering plants this time; we're still hopefully a few years away from when I'll have to worry about finding drinking water.

My dreams last night had some recurring elements: apartments on the west side of the dream city, and a seafood restaurant near the coast, on the east side. I was going to ride my bike to the seafood restaurant, which has some erotic appeal to me -- maybe topless waitresses? can't remember -- but I didn't have a lock for my bike... then I realized I was out of money... both circumstances which were true in real life at that time (I've since been paid!).

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