This article not only has some good news of how our single-celled comrades are making the world safer from Bushco's biproducts, but the 2nd picture down looks strikingly similar to a Julia set. Check it out!

Are you a CoolEdit shareware user from 10 years ago? Adobe's bought that software for its Audition product, but now there's the totally free, open-source audio file editor Audacity. Very nice, if somewhat nonintuitive to me -- importing a second audio file didn't append nor prepend to the first, it mixed the two -- but maybe if I read a little documentation it can be very useful. And the Windows and Mac OSX versions are free, too, not just GNU/Linux!

I found out there's going to be a rideshare from downtown Reno to Burning Man. From the Greyhound, walk 2 blocks north to 4th St, then another mile and a half or so east to the Twin City Surplus store at 1675 East 4th. Wait there with your 10 gallons of water and other supplies, and when you see pickemups and SUVs loaded down with camping gear, disembodied geodesic domes, and lots and lots of wood, hit 'em up for a ride. If your tickets are will-call, have your confirmation number handy or the drivers are instructed not to offer you a ride.

Another route I'm considering is to continue another 2 miles on East 4th, turn north onto Pyramid Lake Highway, route 445, and windskate the 35 miles to Pyramid Lake. I can camp on Paiute land overnight after buying a $5 pass at the marina, then go about 20 miles east on 446 to Nixon where it meets highway 447. If I can't get a ride from there, it's 60 miles of nothing north to Gerlach; but if I can't get a ride on the main BM route, the whole spirit of the burn must have gone up in smoke.

I just got the standard padding, though, not extreme sports pads like this and this, so still not sure if I'll bother taking the sail with me. The playa looks ideal for it, though.

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