After going to the bank on Monday for some cash, I got a ride to the border; ate lunch at the Pink Store; then decided to head to El Paso. Got my shopping done, and thought I'd hang around EP till morning, but around midnight or so decided to walk back across the border instead... a bad decision possibly due in part to the pint of Guinness I had at Hemingway's, which put me 12 ounces over my self-imposed limit.

Anyway, I ended up in a bar in Juarez where I drank at least another pint of nasty canned Tecate, with some dude nicknamed Quick who said he just wanted to protect me. Yeah, right. Then later at night, when I was nodding out in the park in front of the big cathedral, a group of 4 Federales basically robbed me at gunpoint under the guise of "protecting" me. At least, when I checked my wallet after they were done with me, I was missing somewhere between $20 and $40. Please, just let the crooks at me, at least they don't have automatic rifles!

Anyway, I made it back the next day, just in time for another tremendous rainstorm that flooded roads everywhere in its path. Crashed the rest of the afternoon and slept most of the night too.

Today I got my dirtboard by FedEx Ground, but it's missing a couple of parts. Damn. Guess I won't be able to take it to Burning Man after all... I can't even test it out here.

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