Back at Kinley's House café in El Paso after a few hours of hell.

Went the usual way to El Paso; got a ride to the border, then bus to Entronque (Crucero Palomas), then to Cd. Juarez. Stopped at a Taquería and asked for one tripitas and one al pastó. How much? Cincuenta pesos. Ouch! Five bucks. In Tijuana that would have been two dollars. First bad omen.

Then crossed the border. Pigeon-brained bureaucratic bitch trashed $72 worth of my Palacios Chorizos from Spain. Yes, I knew it was a risk bringing it through Mexico. Doesn't make me any happier though.

Then I found the Greyhound station and went to pick up my ticket. I had my Windskate sail tied to my mountain skateboard. "You're not taking that on the bus, are you?" Oh, oh. "Sure, I am." Turns out it "doesn't look like luggage" so I have to spend another $45 Greyhound Express, plus pay them extra to box it for me if I don't box it myself. Cursing like a sailor, I walk back to the ticket counter and find out if my ticket is still good for another bus. Yes it is, and in case it isn't, it's only $10 to change it. Damn, the first good news all day it seems.

Anyway, it looks like I'll be camping out in El Paso till next payday (Saturday) and might get to Burning Man a day late if at all.

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