Dreamt about the "little people" again last night. Two black women, each about a foot tall, naked but coated in mud except for part of their breasts, and their prominent nipples were sharply defined against their milk-chocolate skin. I was talking to a (normal-sized) black man about the phenomenon, something about how they would make good spies. He disagreed for some reason I can't remember. I was thinking how I'd feel about being around people six times my height.

There was another interesting dream last night too but I didn't write it down earlier while it was still fresh in my memory, so I'm afraid it's lost. I hung around City of the Sun for a while this morning, then walked about two miles towards Palomas before getting a ride. Sitting in the Chihuahuenses bus depot at Crucero Palomas (Entronque) waiting for the noon bus to Cd. Juarez.

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